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My name is Shauna and I am a bi-lingual (Spanish), Early Childhood Educator that provides Specialized Childcare services for families.  I  promote children’s literacy and cultural diversity along the way. I am a wife, and a Mother with two adult children.  I understand the challenges with striving for balance days, and helping our children be the best they could be.  I have worked with little ones  for over 25 years and this is where my heart has always been and stays!

eNannylink is an online comprehensive tool for families on everything childcare.  Here you will find strategies and tips that you could implement right away.  Keeping easy peezy days is the name of the game.  Together we can empower each other, and our children.
As a former Preschool Teacher I’ve had the pleasure working with many families, and children the years.  I promote literacy and enjoy bringing children’s stories to life!  Checkout my Children’s StoryTime YouTube Channel here https://www.youtube.com/c/StoryTimeWithMrsShauna

Aside for caring for children I also hold Spanish Story-Time for children at the Public Library.  What a great place to share the love for the Spanish language, culture, and music.  We always end off with a dance party at the end Salsa, Merengue, or Bachata Si!!!

I am also a proud Board Member for Frontline Services in Cleveland, Ohio.  This organization cares for the homeless, and families that has been through traumatic experiences.  I love collecting new toys and clothes for them from companies and individuals.

  For more information on this great organization click here http://frontlineservice.org

¡Gracias! Talk soon……Shauna









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