Sand Art Activity for Children


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Here is a fun sand art activity for children.  You could place some sand on a tray or, on a thick plastic plate.  Have the children add miniature items that they love from around the house or, you could pick up a few neat items at your nearest craft store.  If you try this activity please send me pics I would love to see and post them!  Gracias!

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How Would You Handle This?



Here’s the scenario:

You are at the grocery store, and your toddler throws a full-out tantrum. Kicking and screaming on the floor, and everyone is looking at your child. You need to get to the checkout line, or you will be late for pickup for your school-ager.  Your toddler is upset because they wanted a box of gummies.  (Note to self they already have a box at home.)

How would you handle this?

Please post comments below!  Gracias!