When Should Our Children Start Helping Out Around the House?

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I hope everyone is doing well and getting some outdoor fun this warm February!  This topic is a bit tricky because it depends on our personal experiences from growing up.  Our time as a child may impact when, and how we coach our children on helping us out from time to time.  Raising/teaching/coaching children is the hardest job in my opinion in the world.  Most parents would rather go to work then to do this all day everyday.  The challenges are real. What I found as a parent were the rewards are much greater then the challenges.

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“How Do You Get Your Children To Clean-Up Or Organize?”



Hola! Time to get organized and start off a Great New Year!

Here is a simple way a family of three children help encourage them to keep the playroom organized.

  1. At the end of play each child has to place the items they played with in their designated basket.
  2. At the end of the week they have to empty their basket and put everything back in their appropriate places.

That is it!  The Children have been doing an incredible job with this!

What system do you have in place to encourage your children to clean-up?

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Here is a link to help get started with your children!





How Do You Prepare Your Children For Upcoming Seasonal Changes?

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How is everyone doing?  I hope the weather has been great wherever you live at?  Many folks that know me personally know that my favorite season is summer.  Where I live at summer is very short, and for some years it may seem like it has never arrived.  This summer was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

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I know that seasons can bring on changes not only in our environment but within ourselves to.  Have you ever wondered what changes young children may feel between seasons?  I have a question for everyone caring for children.  How do you prepare your children for seasonal changes?  What kinds of activities do you engage them in to help them understand the upcoming changes?

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