How To Build Little World Citizen’s In Our Children In Today’s Culturally Diverse World


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Today I wanted to talk about ways we could build our children to become little world citizens in today’s diverse world!  Teaching them about loving themselves, and others is the very first step.

As a Mother I believe that Children learn, and get their best education from home.  We as parents are their first teacher.  As I have mentioned in other posts we model the behavior, and sometimes attitudes toward life to them everyday. 

We live in a huge beautiful world that children would love to partake, and learn from.  Sometimes we have to bring the world home to them! 



Create a home environment that encompasses the world.  Teach everything about your family history, and history of other families with diverse backgrounds.  Today, we have so many amazing resources to begin this process.  We could plan activities, fieldtrips, or use the internet to research other cultures, and belief systems. A great starting point for families to raise world citizens is at


Provide activities that represent the world.  For example baby dolls of different cultural background, a Map of the world, or a Globe that speaks about different parts of the world.


Add fun recipes that is Easy Peezie for the family to make to get a taste of the unique foods the world has to offer. Here is a quick delicious appetizer called Manchego & Membrillo Stacks that combines Spanish ingredients, and flavors in every delicious bite!!


Play music from around the world have the children dress up in  clothing representing the culture, or country.  Learn special dance steps such as Salsa for beginners if your exploring the Hispanic countries.  If you missed some easy to learn Salsa steps click on my older post right here


Actively seek out to set up play-dates with families from other countries/culturally diverse background.  This is real-life experience for all involved to learn about embracing each others differences and learn how much we truly are alike.  Never too late to form friendships between families.

Here are a few fun playdate ideas you could take your children on to get to know one another!



Traveling to other parts of the world will help your children see how big the world is and help them understand how we are all connected.

Lastly, if you have older children Teens….consider an exchange student program.  They could live in another country for a little bit, or you could invite a student in your home. 

Although I am Bi-racial (African American/Hispanic-Puerto Rican) and had the pleasure of growing up with the world in our home….I entered an exchanged program that changed my life forever!!

When I was 16 years old I lived in Tokyo, Japan for 4 months with a family that spoke only Japanese.  No internet in those days we figured out how to communicate with one another in the most human sensitive way possible.  Not very easy with the language barrier yet; I can tell you I never missed a meal, and was very well taken care of lol. Words cannot express  how much I love this family and Japan!!   I am so grateful for the exchange program!!


(16 years old at Tokyo Disneyland with Otosa-father and my Japanese brother Nobu)


(Back to visit 24 years old my Japanese sister in blue Tomomi)

This is just another way to help continue building A global mindset in our children as they enter the world on their own in the future!

Thank you for Reading!  Small steps but major beautiful outcomes when opening a whole new world to our children. Creating a sensitive, and culturally aware environment will lead to stronger leadership for all of mankind!

  Have you tried any of these tips in your home? Have your children been exposed to other languages, or foods? If so how were they introduced to it? What other ways have your family tried to incorporate worldly views in your children?


¡Gracias! Shauna




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23 thoughts on “How To Build Little World Citizen’s In Our Children In Today’s Culturally Diverse World”

  1. I love this Ms. Shauna! I remember when you went to Japan that summer and was miserable because I didn’t have my hanging buddy 😉. I noticed how different you were we you returned it helped mold you to the wonderful person you are today. 🤗

    1. Thank you so much Amanda we both share the love for traveling and I am so happy your children are being exposed to the worldly lifestyle!

  2. I love this Shauna…your insight is so powerful and genuine. I bet your experience learning the cultures in Tokyo really was amazing. This inspires me to expand my children’s knowledge on the world around us. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Muchas Gracias and thank you so much for reading…..I am so glad your children and your family will dive further into the beautiful cultures around us!

  3. I absolutely adore this post! My family is from France, and I try to foster an appreciation for the language and food with my kids. We also travel when we can to see my family in Normandy. It’s so important these days to be a global citizen! Your post gave me some great ideas, thanks so much!!!

  4. One of my favorite parts of homeschooling my younger children is learning about cultures. At some point we had a multi cultural cook book (I will find the title if you would like) that we really liked using. My second favorite part of homeschooling in the older years is when my children have been involved in online classes with other students from all over the world. I love that they see the world globally rather than in isolation of sitting at a desk in the classroom.

    1. I love it Deb you have created global minded children/adult children. I agree homeschooling gives you way more range to expose children to the world then regular school. It is also a reminder to parents that we still have to extend our children’s education of the world outside of the school walls. I would love to know the name of that book!

  5. wow amazing post!.. I don’t have children, but I love to travel and when I think about how I can get involve my children into a multicultural environment without necessarily traveling (since children need stability in their first years at least) this solutions can definitely work without even leaving home!. Thank you for the idea for my future children!

    1. Thank You! Yes, the first few years would be the best time for exposure to the world from the comfort of your home! Great plan for your future!

  6. These are great ideas to bring the world home. We homeschool and love to learn about new cultures and my oldest son says he wants to learn all the languages. We willtry some of the things you mentioned in our lessons.

    Thank you.

    1. Awesome! Homeschool is the best opportunity to incorporate some activities on culture, language, and foods! Thank you for reading!

    1. I agree with you Michelle children are our future we have to work together to make sure they are prepared for a bright future as a unit!!

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