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OK I’m sorry I’m back distracted by summer which is why I need a vision board!!
Everywhere on the web you’ll see how important it is to have a vision board. Visualizing our future goals is essential and powerful. 
 When I was growing up we called it scrapbooking, journaling, or creating a visual collage.  I guess I never grew up because I haven’t stopped doing it. So I thought why don’t we get our children involved and help them start to visualize their future goals?  No time better then the present right?  Empowering our children is vital, and working with them on a vision board is just one way we could give them power, and offer inspiration over their lives.
To keep this activity simple …..I decided to provide the children materials to get started and keep the project theme basic.  I encouraged them to design experiences they were looking forward to in their upcoming days, weeks, or years. 
Here are a few supplies you could set out to get them started: (whatever you have around the house is great!)
1. Recycle magazines
2. Scissors/glue
3.  Markers/crayons/pencil/ink pens
4. Stickers
 5. Lastly, play music in the background it really gets everyone involved and excited!!!


Now we wait and watch the MAGIC!!!
I would love to see your children’s vision board activity…..Use the Hashtag #VISIONBOARDWITHCHILDREN




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