Shake Off Cabin Fever Activities For Kids!


Winter,  Winter, Winter, is all around, and we know what else is going on?

Cabin fever ayyyy yaiii yaiiii! 

 This is already challenging for adults, but for children whew!  We need activities quick fast, and on the double lol.

Shake cabin fever with these fun winter activities for the whole family!Click To Tweet


1. Board games

2. Arts and Crafts


3. Indoor Pop up a tent or Sleeping bag

How about camping out in the living room, and watch movies together? FUN!!!!!  Don’t forget you could create a tent from a large blanket over furniture, or sets of chairs.  Check out this easy smores recipe that would make a great snack for this activity!

4. Outdoor play in the snow because why not?

Snowball fights, scavenger hunts, or build a snowman.


Bonus: In case you missed it have the whole family  join me in creating a D.I.Y. snowman from Mom, and Dad’s old socks!


What are you doing to shake cabin fever???