Hola!!!!! Happy Spring!!

La primavera es una de mis estaciones favoritas! The Spring is one of my favorite season!

I hope you’re enjoying your day with your children.  The transition from winter to spring is extremely exciting!!  I want to jump right in for the Top 5 Spring Activities for our children! 

  1. Fieldtrips-The Farm, Botanical Garden, Zoo, or  Museums, all scream fun to me!!!!  I would go on a fieldtrip everyday with children if I could.  The change of scenery combined with learning is the best.  I love to see the niños come alive and the incredible bonding experience between us all.

(Here we are at the Aquarium major fun that day!!)

2. Spring Books with an Activity- for example you could read a book about birds and get a pair of binoculars and go bird watching.  Another activity would be to build a birdhouse together!  One way is to pick up a birdhouse already built from your local craft store, and just add paint to it. You could build a birdhouse from scratch if you’re into D.I.Y.’s.  Please click on link for step by step instructions on building your own birdhouse.

3. Sign up for an outdoor sports team such as soccer, baseball, tennis, or swim.  Check your local community for teams to join.

4. Explore nature together- This is a great time to get nature walks in.  Have them carry a clip board to draw or write the changes they see in the environment.  Another activity that children enjoy is collecting nature items to create a nature collage.

5. Create a garden, or plant flowers- Digging in the dirt together brings great joy for niños.  The light on their faces when they see the garden, or flowers grow is priceless!!

I would love to hear from you what are your favorite springtime activities with your children?  Muchas Gracias for reading and stopping by!  Happy Spring…….Talk soon……..Shauna






























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  1. Great ideas! I love being out in the garden and one thing we need to do (once all this snow melts!) is a good clean up of all the garbage that has collected over the winter. I get my boys out to help and get our hands dirty.

  2. Building a bird house would be so fun. I remember in elementary school that we would make bird feeders all the time. Thanks for writing this. Brings back memories and gives great ideas for family time with kids.

    1. Your welcome! Thank you for visiting….I have very fond memories of activities growing up they are the best and keeps us young at heart!

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