What is Multicultural Book Day?

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Multicultural Book Day is a day of celebration for diversity in children’s books.  The founder Valarie Budayr from Jump Into a Book, and Mia Wenjen from Pragmatic Mom created Multicultural Book Day.

The purpose of this day is an effort to push literature that supports diverse characters, storylines, and proper representations for children. This is the 5th. year, and the excitement is in the air for such a special day!


The founders vision was to get as many families, educators, teachers, librarians together around the world.  This is a collaborative effort to  offer supportive platforms for Authors, Writers and Illustrators.

Multicultural Book Day is January 27, 2018.

Rebecca “Franticmommy” Flansburg is the project manager of this event. She works diligently to match up the Author’s books with book reviewers on social media.

Follow #Readyourworld for more information on Multiculural Book Day!! Check out my Book Review for this special day on YouTube!

Follow#Readyourworld for more information on Multicultural Book Day!! Check out my book review on YouTube!Click To Tweet

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