When Should Our Children Start Helping Out Around the House?

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I hope everyone is doing well and getting some outdoor fun this warm February!  This topic is a bit tricky because it depends on our personal experiences from growing up.  Our time as a child may impact when, and how we coach our children on helping us out from time to time.  Raising/teaching/coaching children is the hardest job in my opinion in the world.  Most parents would rather go to work then to do this all day everyday.  The challenges are real. What I found as a parent were the rewards are much greater then the challenges.

Helping our children become self-sufficient little beings takes a few consistent steps at a time.  Every step should be fun for the children and make them feel like they can accomplish anything.  All of this builds confidence in our children, which they will need to navigate in this world.

When my adult sons were little we all worked as a team to make sure the house was tidy.  Anyone that knows me personally know that I believe in team-effort approach and that teamwork makes the dream work.

Many families have expressed that they’re struggling with the idea of asking their children to help out around the house.  My oldest son started pretty young four years old he kept his room up and really enjoyed having a tidy room.  (I know this is not the case for most four year old I was lucky.)

The children I care for today all help me around their homes and start as early as 2 years old putting one toy away while I organized the playroom.  As time went on I added more items for them to put away.  This young lady loves helping me put the dishes in the dishwasher she is 5 years old, and always helps me so we can get straight to an activity after meals.

I suggest small tasks to start with.  For the younger child something as simple as making sure they put their dirty clothes in the hamper.  A two year old would love to do this, and you could keep score as if they are making baskets in a basketball game.  The older child could get started with removing their shoes and putting them wherever the family shoes go.  From there little by little you can get your children to slowly and consistently add new tasks that will lend itself to a self-confident child.  They would feel like they are able to conquer any goals, or challenges that comes their way.  Not to mention you get a little help around the house.  Check out this link for ideas on what your children could do to help around the house.

Helping around the house! Chore ideas for kids of all ages.

I would love to hear from you about this topic.

How soon do you get your children started with helping around the house? What are some of the tasks your children like to help you with?  What incentives do you use to encourage your children to help out if any?

Thank you for subscribing, and participating in this post…Looking forward from hearing from you!  Gracias que tengas un gran dia!  Thank you and have a great day!!

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8 thoughts on “When Should Our Children Start Helping Out Around the House?”

  1. Ahhh yes, the chores! I started my kids early and then life stepped in. 🙂 With activities and such I keep after them on a constant basis and we do stuff together – loading the dishwasher for example. Love this article and I am sharing this too!

    1. Thank you!! Yes, it becomes so difficult when they get older they love it until they realize its part of life….whew lol

  2. My children started doing chores early. It started with them wanting to help out around 4 yrs old then they were given assigned chores that fit their age. Some chores to do alone and some to do as a family. The older they got the less the idea appealed to them with or without an allowance.

  3. My oldest has liked helping out since he was very little. He looked so cute pulling his clothes hamper. Now both take their own clothes to the laundry room and sometimes help set the washer and putting clothes in and out of the washer and dryer. Great post!!

  4. I think years back growing up in a Hispanic home, everyone had to help no matter the age. except if you were in diapers lol. But now it’s not the case. My 4 year old picks up his toys now and then, but i think it’s on us as parents to instill this habit young. Loved reading this post. 🙂

    1. Yes, you are so right it is up to us we have to stay consistent, or they will stop. A lot of it is having our attention and being present when they are helping out to reinforce to them that we really appreciate them doing their part. Glad you liked this post and I appreciate you visiting.

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