Working With Children With Special Needs Part Two!

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(Cavs Dance Crew)

Last week I wrote a post featuring a young boy named Jurele and the Best Buddies Friendship Walk Program.  (Feel free to read that post if you missed it. ) I wanted to share an awesome recap of Jurele’s experience with the Best Buddies Friendship program!

The day was hosted by Cleveland Cavaliers Kyrie Irving!  Again, this program is in many cities across the United States and abroad.  The focus of the walk is to bring awareness and funds to support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Jurele’s family could not say enough great things about this day and how much it truly meant to Jurele!  Checkout your local listing for this program near your town at

Enjoy!!!!  Thank you for Jurele’s Family for sharing these awesome pics with us!!!!



(Cleveland Cavalier’s Kyrie Irving)


(Cleveland Cav’s Team)


(Jurele with the Buffalo Wild Wings Mascot!)

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  1. Great article! I’m glad to see this getting more exposure. It sounds like a great program/organization that I’m sure will help bring more awareness to the challenges and opportunities of working with special needs children.

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